Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Artists

During my recent trip to NYC, I discovered two new artist's work, Berni Searle and Rachael Dunville. Searle is featured in the MOMA's New Photography 2007 exhibition. How I had never known of her or learned of her I'm not sure. Searle works in photography, video, and performance among others. Her series "About To Forget" which was shown as a series of stills at the MOMA was quite beautiful and held my attention–enough for me to grab my little notebook and scribble her name down.

My friend Amy Stein, a follow artist and new professor, mentioned I should see the new show at Peer Gallery. As soon as I walked in I recognized one of the prints "The Brad" from a group show which had just opened in Austin, Texas called TPS 16 which I was also in. I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Rachael Dunville while I was in the gallery and discovered just how small this world is.