Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And And So On....A Cutorial experiment in groups of 100

I was recently invited to participate in an online curatorial experiment started by Dan Halm. Dan selected two artists who then each selected their own two artists to feature 'And So On'. I was lucky enough to be selected by Amy Stein who also chose Shen Wei. I wanted to select artists other than photographers, revealing just how much other mediums can influence, comment on and re-enforce my own ideas.

The two artists I selected both use human hair as an element in their works. I am personally drawn to Victorian mourning jewelry. I am fascinated with the idea of preserving the memory of someone deceased by containing a 'piece' of them. The containment of our bodies and its parts is something I explore in my own work. When I saw Melanie Bilenker's brooches made with her own hair, I was immediately moved by her process. Langdon Graves's sculptures and installations look and feel like the physical extension of my own photographs.

I am just as curious as Dan is to see where this first round of artists picking artists leads. I hope to discover new works which will inspire my own and I hope to turn others on to my personal favorites.