Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Clean 2 Video Screening Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Please join me this coming Saturday, April 5, 2008 at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston at 7pm in the Brown Auditorium for "Imagining China" and "Transformations". My performance video, Clean 2,(2006) will be viewed in conjunction with Fotofest and the Southwest Alternate Media Group.

I created the video during my last months of graduate school. I had access to a morgue in Texas and did a series of self-portraits as well as two performances in the space. For me the act of bathing or cleansing one's self alludes to a metaphorical rebirth, a new beginning. The video was made exactly two years after I had first been diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 26.


ADULT - Transformation
Basic Wire and Cable - by Chuck Ivy
Clean 2 - by Sarah Sudhoff
Environmental Justive in the USA - by Tammy Cromer-Campbell
The Fall - by Adam Cruces
Lover of the Lord - by Jack Otis Moore
Mitosis Remix - by I-AoI
Reveal - by Travis Reed

ADULT - Imagining China
Chinaaah! - by Jeanie Low and Stephanie Saint Sanchez
China Hot: Factory 798 - by Quin Matthews

YOUTH - Transformation
Andrea and Ann Present Farggeano - by Andrea Wistuba & Ann Henson
The Buggie - by Katy Bogar, Sophie Creede & Caroline Galliano
The Green Transforming Blob - by Rick Gordon, Adarsh Nednvr, Sydney Tidwell & Justice Magourick-Baker
Mix and Match - by Brea Aikens, Imogen Van Der Werff & Taylor Russo
Origami - by Christian Behrend
Siddhartha - by Kate Montgomery
Solved - by Boe Kim and Corey Martin
The Walking Water - by Dylan Siemann

YOUTH - Imagining China
Bridge to Dragonithia - by Maddy Lopez, Maryanne Sapon, Athena Rodriguez, Acara Turner, Mary Margaret Worley & Cory Summers