Monday, March 31, 2008

Is Bigger Really Better?

As I drove in to the parking lot at the university I teach at two days a week in East, Texas I was greeted with the most bizarre site. Three Barbie-like seven foot legs were strapped down to a trailer–two legs straddled the side of the trailer while one was supported with a 2x4 pointing straight up. The piece titled "Fecundity" is part of a larger series titled Spiders by artist Joni Younkins-Herzog. The image of the legs strapped to the trailer reminded me in many ways of my own work as far as content and form are concerned however this was not the original intention of the artists–to have their female spider-like figure displayed in such a vulnerable and violent manner, yet this is how I now saw the piece.

Joni and her husband Rick took part in a two-week exhibition at the Art Center which included a visiting artist lecture which took place this afternoon in the art department at Stephen F. Austin. Having attended both the closing reception for the artists and seeing their work today, I must admit Joni's work, particularly her earlier pieces intrigued me more than the exhibition as a whole. I was much more interested in her tongue, teeth and oddities series. I realize I might be biased but art is subjective after all. I invite you to explore her work for yourself.