Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photographic Center Northwest

I am pleased to announce images from my Sorority Rush series were accepted in to this years Photography Center Northwest's annual juried show. Rod Slemmons from the Museum of Contemporary Photography was this years juror. The show opens July 11, 8:45-10:00pm and runs through August 28, 2008. If you are in the Seattle area please stop by. All works are for sale.

Other artists include:

1. Aragona, Marisa, CA (BCD)
2. Baden, Evan, MN (ABD)
3. Bayles, David, OR (DEJ)
4. Breen, Andrew, IL (ABC)
5. Bross, Suzette, IL (ABC)
6. Browder, Chase, TX (AFG)
7. Burk, Jeff, IL (ABC)
8. Bush, Diane, NV (ACD)
9. Conley, Beverly, AR (BHJ)
10. Cox, Andy, WA (BFG)
11. Dickerson, Nell, TN (ABD)
12. Hagen, Erik, NY (BDE)
13. Heileson, Thom, WA (ABC)
14. Holmes, Joseph, NY (ABG)
15. Ketcham, Sally, WA (EFG)
16. Krieg, Carolyn, WA (BCD)
17. Miranda, Paolo, CA (ABD)
18. Papo, Rachel, NY (ACD)
19. Phillips, Russell, IL (AHJ)
20. Prusinowski, Peter, PA (ABG)
21. Sauvaitre, Marie, NY (CEF)
22. Small, Ellen, NY (FGI)
23. Sudhoff, Sarah, TX (FGJ)
24. Veenstra, Victoria, MI (ACE)
25. Vionnet, Corinne, VD, Switzerland (CEF)