Saturday, June 28, 2008

Super Safe

While attending Review Santa Fe I learned of a new photo blog called Flakphoto. While am happy more work from my fellow peers is being featured including 55 participants from the review overall the work on the site seems to be 'Super Safe'. I recently read photographer Cara Phillip's blog, Ground Glass which mentioned she had not been invited to Review Santa Fe this year. If you are a fan of her work you'd ask the same as me, why the hell not. Her work is gorgeous and perverse making it all the more memorable. I feel there are not enough outlets for photographers and artists like myself making work which is not the norm. In her blog, Cara mentions her own work in relation to mine and the similarities in our arduous travels as photographers pushing the envelope and making work not easily digested by the general public.

For this reason I've decided to add a new feature to my blog called 'Super Safe' which will highlight artists whose work is not super safe and strives to share something new and worthwhile with the public. As my new friend Katy Almanas says...."Beautifully Subversive is where its at."

Please send small jpgs or links to work to