Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chris Sauter

Last night I attended a lecture given by San Antonio artist Chris Sauter at Trinity University. I was in San Antonio on assignment for Texas Monthly. After I finished my shoot I headed over to Trinity to meet with Trish Simonite and discovered Chris was speaking.

I first came across Chris's work over a year ago at his show Workshop at FineSilver in Houston. A friend mentioned there was a large scaled uterus at the gallery. At the sound of that I headed to the gallery on my next trip to Houston. It was satisfying seeing another artist use the uterus and ovary in their work in a very different context. Chris works with numerous materials. He combines painting, drawing, sculpture and installation sometimes in to one piece or for an entire exhibition.

My principal strategies are, the transformation of common objects into other recognizable objects, extreme scale shifts, and the juxtaposition of disparate materials and images.

I have converted items from the home into landscapes or sites of natural and industrial processes to show the interaction of nature, culture, and origins, and constructed models of internal organs from common materials to position these connections within the body.

The body and the home are major themes. Because we understand the world through our bodies, it is the starting point. The home is an extension of our bodies and is the primary source for the production and propagation of culture.

Chris now has a website so please check out his work if you aren't already familiar with it.