Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its Official the Austin Center for Photography is here

I'm am so proud to be a part of the Austin Center for Photography. Its been almost a year since our initial meeting to create and form ACP. We have grown to 8 board members comprised of artists, photographers, educators, business owners and curators. While each of us has a different background, we all bring drive, vision and a desire to make a central location in Austin and central Texas for photographers to gather, exhibit, lecture and learn.

After moving back to Austin after living in New York for several years I was surprised to find Austin still lacked such as space. Recently I have taught and exhibited at the Houston Center for Photography and participated in shows at other non-profit photography spaces nationally. Each board member saw the same need in our community for a photo space and so we began meeting and learning the ropes of creating a non-profit.

Although we only recently became public with our non-profit we already helped sponsor a Slideluck event in Austin last month which had an attendance of nearly 400 people. We have several more events planned including a closing reception for the Salagado exhibition at the Austin Museum of Art scheduled for January 2009 and the first of our "Icons of Photography" lecture series featuring Mary Ellen Mark on March 12.

We have a website as well as a facebook group. I will be starting a blog soon reporting on our progress and upcoming events. If you would like to be contacted about future happenings please visit our website at and sign up.

Thank you to all my friends whom I contacted about starting a non-profit. Your pearls of wisdom are much appreciated.