Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back Online

We'll the holidays were definitely not restful. I moved Tuesday December 23rd to San Antonio then headed to Houston on Christmas day to celebrate the holiday with family.

I've finally gotten a majority of the boxes unpacked and I'm working on organizing my studio and getting ready to teach classes at The University of Texas at San Antonio as well as the Southwest School of Art and Craft. In addition I still need to send out applications for tenure track jobs and oh there is my solo show opening in ummmm two months and I'm still making a new piece for it as well as figuring out exactly what pieces are going in.

I'm hopeful to still put together a small catalog for the show but funds and time are short these days. I did recently order Amy Stein's book Domesticated since I DID NOT get it for Xmas to help inspire me and push me through.