Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two for Two

I think I can speak for most photographers and artists....that our life seems to be an uphill battle. First you have to think of an idea. Second you have to figure when and where to produce this idea or image in my case. Third you have to find the resources to take action and quite possibly get time off from work or other responsibilities. Fourth the work must be successfully shot followed by precise editing. Fifth, if you're still counting, is printing the work or uploading it to a website. Sixth getting the courage to share the new work which by this time seems old to you and has already taken up so much or your time, exhausted your funds and so forth. It seems at times the road leads no where with no end in sight. And there are days like today for me and hopefully other photographers and artists that the road, the labor intensive process of being a creative soul pays off. Not that the experience of producing work isn't fulfilling enough however gaining new recognition or recouping some of your cost is always a sought after moment.

Today I was greeted with two wonderful emails. First was from a photo editor at the New York Time Magazine who is planning to run an image of mine for an upcoming issue. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. It was just last week that I attended a lecture by Mary Virginia Swanson at HCP in Houston in which she discussed artists licensing their images for editorial purposes and the pros and cons of this decision. I had always wondered if my Repository series would find a home editorially since my other main series Sorority Rush had. I'm not sure how the NYT came across my work. Maybe it was from when I sent them my portfolios over a year ago or it might have had something to do with my second email today which was from Women in Photography. My Repository series was selected by WIP for an upcoming online solo exhibition yet I had no idea it would launch today. Needless to say it was a great surprise to see my work featured on their site. I'm not sure if one email had anything to do with the other one but somehow for one brief moment today the stars aligned for me.

So please check out the WIP online show. It is my first solo show which is very exciting. And be sure to keep an eye out for my image in the New York Times Magazine!