Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Big Show

Please join me this Friday, July 11 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, Texas for their annual "Big Show". Out of 407 artists 60 were chosen. The juried show required that you drop off ready-to-hang work at the art center to be judged and possibly included in the exhibition. I have three photographs from my Repository series on view–Sale, Exploratory Surgery and Clean 1.

2008 Exhibiting artists include:

John Adelman, Isela Aguirre, Dran Alessi, Ron Arena, Steven Baptiste, Johann J. Boudreaux, James Burns, Joyce Cail, Christopher Cascio, Douglas Cason, Peter Chok, Christopher Comperry, Shannon Crider, Frederique de Montblanc, Jeremy DePrez, Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, Leah DeVun, Daniel Fabian, Garland Fielder, Haden Garrett, Raul Gonzalez, Tracy Jayne Goosen, David Hardaker, Dan Havel, Daniel Heimbinder, April Hernandez, L. A. Holloman, Renate Jones, Erin Joyce, daniel-kayne, Sara Kellner, Hugh Dodd McDonnold, Linda Moore, Kia Neill, Alex Nguyen, Pam R Olson, Gay Paratore, Ryan Perry, Ole Petersen, Brian Piana, John Paul Plauché, Forrest Prince, Anne J. Regan, Allan Rodewald, Rodrigo Romero Roit, John Runnels, Cameron Sands, Louise Schlachter, Carol Ellen Scott, Gregory Scott, Robert Sennhauser, Herbert Shapiro, John Slaby, Emily Sloan, Gabriella O. Solis, Sarah Sudhoff, Kamila Szczesna, Patrick Winkler, Henry Yau, Paul Zeigler

If you happen to be on the west coast don't forget the Photographic Center Northwest's opening whcih also opens this Friday in Seattle. I also have three pieces in this exhibition but from my Sorority series. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend this opening but I'm looking forward to finding out who wins.