Sunday, August 10, 2008

Work In Progress

I thought I'd share some recent work-in-progress. It seems I never have enough time to work on my projects. I know I need to just make more time to do this. Knowing a have a solo show next year is both exciting and frightening. There is so much to plan for: making new work; scanning and printing it; figuring out a layout in the space for your work; framing and installing all the pieces as well as notifying the public about the event. It could easily be a full-time job. If I only had that much time to dedicate to it or had a staff to help. One day.

These two images are from a new series titled Finding Antonia. In this image I photographed myself in front of my abuela's grave in Texas. The whole premise is still being worked out as well as what images will make up this developing body of work. I welcome any comments.