Sunday, March 2, 2008

Support for Artists

It was a pleasure having photographer Timothy Briner lecture at SFA last week and stay a few nights with me. My intention was to inspire and motivate my students to follow through with their ideas. I did not anticipate how much Tim's story and initial struggle to get his "Boonville" project off the ground would touch me and everyone who attended his lecture.

Whether you are drawn to images of small town America or relish in a photographer who still shoots old school with a 4x5 camera and black and white film there is something so real and honest about the way Tim works–his thought process and the way he shares his own fears and mistakes from on the road. It makes his success that much more sweet and we too can share in his achievements because he is so candid and willing to tell all.

Tim has a few more months left to complete this long-term project he calls "Boonville". And I know although he has received funds, donations and kindness where he can, he has run out of money. If you are able to donate please do. You can find more information at the project's website

How often do you come across a young photographer willing to lay everything on the line so to speak, in search of a photographic series that rings true to him and everyone that encounters the work.