Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Like so many others I was on the road yesterday trying to make it back from Houston to Austin before the hurricane hit. Several gas stations had run out of unleaded regular and prices were way up. It was stop and go traffic for most of the way. I can't imagine what the roads look like today with Ike projected to make landfall tonight.

My father, grandfather and one brother live in Corpus. They boarded up their homes and are sitting tight. Luckily the hurricane changed course and will be north of there. My friend John evacuated Rockport on Wednesday. He decided to store several pieces of art work from the Rockport Center for the Arts at his home a mile away from the shore since the art center is located right on the water. My mother and her husband live just north of Houston. Last I heard they were staying put. Other friends were given mandatory evacuation from Galveston and surrounding areas.

On the road I saw several lines of ambulances headed in the opposite direction as well as trucks filled with blankets for evacuees at shelters all around Texas. I'm glad to be situated further inland and hope where ever Ike lands and how ever strong the storm is most if not all residents are gone.

Austin is projected to receive high winds and I'll be keeping an eye out for tornado's.