Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NY Arts Magazine Review

Women in Photography was recently featured in the NY Arts Magazine. I am so pleased to be part of this project and shown among more established female photographers.

There are more women working in the contemporary photography world than ever before. Their methods and subjects run the gamut of artistic possibility, but what unites them is the passion and effort they devote to creating extraordinary bodies of work. Women in Photography, a new online venue created by Amy Elkins and Cara Phillips, is a showcase of their work. It is a resource for photographers, editors, curators, gallery owners, and viewers alike to discover and enjoy the work of female artists. By mixing the work of emerging photographers with artists who have already achieved high levels of success within the fine art and commercial worlds, the project is designed to open a visual dialogue and create a venue to share work and ideas.

With Women in Photography, Elkins and Phillips hope to subvert the competitive and difficult nature of fine art and commercial photography. While they realize that not every female photographer faces or feels the same challenges, they acknowledge that the problems exist on a larger scale. The statistics are there. Despite the abundance of talented female photographers out there, the scale tips heavily in favor of male photographers in both the fine art and commercial fields. Rather than a cry for help or a stifled whimper about the art world being unfair towards women, the site is a proactive venture designed to draw attention to the multitude of talented female photographers and their unique visions.

With their recent launch in June of 2008, WIPNYC has already shown a tremendous amount of diversity and talent from both emerging and established artists. From their debut showcase of Elinor Carucci, whose intimate and diaristic photographs take a closer look at relationships to oneself and one’s family, they have gone on to show work by Sally Gall, Sarah Sudhoff, Ellen Renard, Lisa Kereszi and Naomi Harris. The choices and methods these photographers use are impressively unique, from Sarah Sudhoff’s beautiful and painful look at female reproductive cancer, to the technicolor world of Lisa Kereszi’s burlesque dancers and strip clubs, to Naomi Harris’ close up look at swinger parties around America.

Co-founders of WIPNYC, Amy Elkins and Cara Phillips will be speaking along with Elinor Carucci and Robin Schwartz at Aperture September 30th. Its an event which should not be missed.

I'd love to post about the event so if anyone who plans to attend would like to write a short review of the panel discussion please send it to me at info@sarahsudhoff.com