Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Site Launch

For those of you who don't know I recently redid my website. Well not me but a designer out of Poland actually. Michal, the designer behind Plot 29, created websites for Kathryn Parker Almanas and Caleb Charland two artists whom I had met this past year during the Santa Fe portfolio reviews. I really loved their photography work and was impressed with they way Michal designed the website to complement their work.

I had been working with several other designers and unfortunately one thing or another prevented the site from moving along or ever being finished. As soon as I started working with Michal I had mock ups of designs within a few days. Michal worked with me on redesigns and was great about offering his thoughts on certain aspects of the site. Not to mention he delivered on time. You'd think working with someone 7 hours ahead would prove difficult but I emailed him files, uploaded videos to my site and he called me often to discuss ideas.

The most difficult thing was to create a look and feel which complimented all areas of my site. Ms. Almanas's work is very similar from one project to the next and Caleb only features one photographic project at this time. I however wanted to feature all my current projects as well as one section showcasing my assignments from magazines and contract work. I feel the overall design is clean and simple enough showcasing the work without taking away from it.

So please check out the new site at Comments are welcome. You can see other designs by Michal at